Strawberries. I must say that these are my most favorite berries in the whole wide world.
I remember going to the berry patch with my Grandmother. I remember going to Gary’s Berries on Hwy 27 south of Cadott. There were some other patches we went to also, but I don’t remember which.

I started planting strawberries 19 years ago. Some good, some not so good. The best that I had experienced was the Honeoye Strawberry.

Even with the Honeoye, it was troubling dealing with the grass that kept coming up through the plants. Time would get away from us and then we didn’t have rows anymore. It would end up being one large patch that was difficult to maneuver around without stepping on berries.

Anyways, I wanted to mention a few interesting things. Three types of strawberries are June- bearing, Ever-bearing, and Day-neutral.
June-bearing. You guessed it. Produces a crop usually beginning in the second half of June. These are the most common type.
Ever-bearing. Produces a crop of berries, one in the early Summer and then again in the Fall (early).
Day-neutral. Produces a crop during most of the growing season. Not much of one that I’m aware of, but still.
I hadn’t been paying much attention to anything but the June-bearing strawberries until a few years ago. Well, maybe longer than that.
Alpine Strawberries are what we recommend using around fruit trees because they can handle some shade. However, the Alpine doesn’t spread by way of runners like the rest, the best I can tell. So that’s new to me.

So with that being said, I would just keep planting Alpine myself to get them around the trees more.

Far as the strawberries that will produce throughout the rest of the season other than the last part of June and the first part of July…I had tried some of the Ever-bearing at a field day we had over in Minnesota a few years ago.

I will tell you this, eating fresh strawberries in the middle of August is about the most wonderful eating experience!
The grower mentioned that the variety he was growing was not hardy enough for here, but he treated these like annuals and planted them every Spring, so they cropped during the Summer. Well played!

Ok, Storytime…
I would guess Mark, our youngest son was about 2 years old when he had been climbing over and around our Bluetick Hound dog named Blue.

Janeen and I were up by our Strawberry Patch picking berries. Then, suddenly, you guessed it, Blue let Mark have it after Mark must’ve yanked an ear! (think I did that once myself when I was a kid too).

So here we are picking Mark up with a face all bloodied up from getting bitten. What a bloody mess!
So, we are trying to clean him up some, and of course, his mouth was bloody too. Suddenly, a big bloody something fell out of his mouth and I shouted, “He bit off his tongue!”

The first thing I thought of was he will never be able to talk. I was scared. I was fixing to panic too, till I found out that that bloody something that fell out of his mouth was a doggone strawberry!
Anyone that has raised kids knows that stupid stuff like this happens. We have some stories!
Until next time. – Don ‘I’m not going to panic’ Albrecht

Honeoye Strawberry