Felco 8 and ARS VS-8

If there were only two kinds of pruners left on the earth, I would hope that it would be these two right here. Now I’ve certainly had my share of pruners in my day, but these two are the ones that have stood out amongst the others.

My first pair of ‘real’ pruners were just your typical and average less expensive pair. I still have them! The very tip is broken off cause I dropped them on a concrete floor once, but they can still do the job if called to do so.

It was awhile before I finally switched to the Corona BP series. At the time they were the cat’s meow. Or so I thought anyway. Turns out after all these years of using less expensive pruners, I had been actually justifying my using of these instead of the cadillacs of the industry. Proving you can do just as fine a job with Coronas as you can with pruners that you can easily drop $50 on, or even more.

Truth be told that once I had to start pruning in late winter, it didn’t stop till the end of our nursery season which is usually around the end of october.

You soon begin to have sore hands and fingers, obviously become much more in tune and sensitive when you become one with the tool you’re using.

I had been networking with whom I figured were a bit more seasoned than I, and found the top 3 pruners they were using.

I was on to something here!

The top 3 pruners were the FELCO, ARS, and Okatsune. I got the 3 of them right away and began to compare. I was using them almost at the same time, I was so excited!

I was quickly able to put one off to the side. Those were the Okatsune 104 8.25 inch pruners. Now these cut like a pair of scissors, but that was as far as they went with me.

I just didn’t resonate with these at all. They didn’t feel good in the hand after awhile, and it wasn’t exactly peaceful out in the orchard with the loud cut they made. It was the first pair of pruners I’ve ever lost!

Now the next 2 are something special indeed. Both the FELCO 8 and the ARS VS-8 are extremly fitted to the hand. The Felco 8 is my everyday pruners that are pretty much attached to my hip at all times. I absolutely love these. Easy to operate with the thumb lock release, comfy handles, and a smooth and quite cut.

The ARS VS-8 pruners are also a goto pruner, I just haven’t found a good holster for them yet. Squeeze the handles and the lock releases, I love that!

The Felco has a notch at the base of the blade for which you could actually cut wire with if you needed to. The ARS does not. Why wouldn’t you just use the pruners as pruners and not as a wire cutter?

Let me tell you a quick story ok. It was July 4th, and all was calm. That is until later that evening anyway. One of our paint horses, who was actually a stud by the way, I did say ‘was’, acted out because a mare on the other side of the fence was in heat. You know what that means don’t you?

It didn’t help the situation, that was escalating by the minute that fireworks were in full bloom now. Oh, did I forget to mention that the horse had gotten tangled up in fence wire? Oh yeah, fence wire was wrapped around his hind leg and he was running back and forth dragging about a hundred feet of it behind him.

I’ll do you all a favor and leave the drama out of this ok.

So what did I have to cut the wire with? Pruners. Yup, that’s right. Never would have thunk it.

The story ends well though, and Cody the paint horse didn’t even have a mark on him.