Pruning Workshop




Pruning Workshop

Need a confidence boost? You will get one here if you participate in this one. One of the many things I’ve learned by going to homes just like yours is that you have good intentions, but when you get to the tree one of two things happens. One is when you get up to the tree, it is difficult to figure out which branches to take out.
The other is when you get up to the tree and you might prune all the branches you can easily reach from the ground only. Happens to be that there will not be any branches left growing fruit that can easily be reached from the ground either.

Well, let’s change the perspective here, shall we? Instead of only going out to look at which branches to take out, let’s go out there and see which ones to keep. Then work our way from there. Learning how to prune will take you into the future a few years, as by looking at the trees framework or branch structure can show what it is going look like in a few years, like planning ahead.

Fruit trees are not all pruned the same. Making proper cuts, leaving the right branches, maintaining pruning tools, identifying problem areas and how to deal with them… well, you will get the idea!

The workshop will be held on March 21st at 10 am. We will be traveling this year to:

Woodmohr Greenhouse at 11577 157th Ave., Bloomer, WI 54724

Call 715-723-8001 for more information.

Want me to just come right out to your trees? That is just fine too. Don has a route that covers more than ten counties even going into Minnesota. Go ahead, call Don 715-723-8001