Organic Apple Hour 101

$75.00 $50.00



Organic Apple Hour 101

This one here is for those who have had some growing experience.
It is for one who is ready for the next level of growing great apples.
It is for one who is attuned to some issues that just they just can’t quite get figured out.
When I say they I mean you. Hey, we’ve all been there.
This workshop shows you the equipment you can use on a backyard orchard scale. I also
do a mixing demonstration with oil and water that always seems to enlighten
This workshop will be held at Noon on April 4th POSTPONED TO LATER DATE… in the greenhouse immediately after the ‘Fantastic Fruit Trees and How To Grow Them’ class and gets tweaked every single time and gets better and better. This one is
normally $75, but for you, $50 will get it done. Bring your shades! Call…715-723-8001 for more information.