St. Cloud Blueberry

High-bush/Low-bush cultivar.

St. Cloud has an upright growth habit. Height of the mature plant is about 4 feet.

Ripening date of St. Cloud has been similar to Northblue indicating that it has considerable hardiness. Mature plants have averaged 7 pounds of fruit per plant.

Fruit is medium to large. 70 berries per cup.

Firmness and flavor of the fresh fruit is superior.

Hand harvest, but could be mechanically harvested.

Frozen fruit quality has usually been superior as well as fresh and U-Pick.

St. Cloud should be used in commercial plantings in cold regions as well as in residential plantings and gardens. St. Cloud requires cross pollination with another blueberry cultivar to obtain fruit set. It should be planted with Northblue, North Country, or North Sky. Hardiness Zones 4-7.