Patriot Blueberry

High-bush cultivar.

Height of bush ranges form 4-6 feet. The bush is upright and spreads when fruit is ripe.

Yield is consistent, ranging from 10-20 pounds at maturity, depending on cultural area.

Fruit size is large, averaging 49 berries per cup at early-mid harvest, and dropping down to 60 berries per cup at mid-late harvest.

Quality of the berry is firm and has small, dry, recessed scars. The berry is formed on tight clusters and it tends to be flatter than the other cultivars.

Harvests are done by hand or U-Pick. Mechanical harvest can only be achieved during the final harvest.

Marketing of the fruit is for the fresh or U-Pick markets because of the size and quality of fruits.

Ornamental use of Patriot is good. It was originally released for use as a home garden plant, but desired characteristics made it available for commercial planting.

Patriot seems to have resistance to Phytophthora cinnamoni root disease. Hardiness Zones 3b-7.