Northland Blueberry

High-bush/Low-bush cultivar.

Height is about 3-4 feet at maturity, the bush is vigorous and moderately spreading. The bush has reached 5-6 feet when the horizontal branches are severely pruned.

Yields are consistent, averaging 15-20 pounds per bush.

Fruit size is small, 136 berries per cup. Fruit is borne on long and loose clusters.

Quality of berry is moderately firm with a medium picking scar, if berries are picked soon after ripening. The color is dark blue and has a wild berry flavor.

Harvesting can be done by hand or mechanically.

Marketing of the fruit is U-Pick, fresh, or process.

This cultivar was hybridized to adapt to Northern Michigan. Northland has limber branches, which do not break under heavy snow loads, and adapts well to the sub-zero climate.

Ornamental use is very good. Low stature and spreading growth habit make it an attractive landscape plant. Foliage is beautiful year round. Dark green foliage in summer and orange-red in fall with yellow branches in winter. Hardiness Zones 3b-7.