North Country Blueberry

High-bush/Low-bush cultivar.

Height of bush is 18-24 inches.

Yield is 2-7 pounds. Fruit is small to medium.

Quality of fruit is good, with little to no picking scar.

Flavor is sweet to mild, similar to wild low-bush berries, with attractive sky-blue berries.

Harvesting is done by hand or with a Tabbut blueberry rake. With the advent of a small harvester, it can be picked mechanically.

Marketing potential is for fresh and U-Pick markets. Ornamental use of North Country is very good. The growth is vigorous during the summer, turning a fiery red in the fall.

Its low stature makes it a nice landscape plant. Of all the blueberry cultivars, this bush is most outstanding for landscapes.

Plants of North Country survive winter temperatures to -35 degrees F, but production is maximized when snow protection is adequate. Hardiness Zones 3-7.