North Blue Blueberry

High-bush/Low-bush cultivar.

Plants are short-statured, growing to a height of 20-30 inches.

Yield is good. Annual harvests of between 3 and 7 pounds of fruit per plant are possible.

The light blue fruits are very large, averaging 120 berries per pound.

Quality of fruit is very good. The fruit is firm and stores well with refrigeration.

The berries must be hand harvested for achieving the best fruit quality and efficient harvest.

Marketing potential is fresh, U-Pick or process. Ornamental use of North Blue is good. The growth is vigorous during the summer, and the large glossy, dark green leaves turn dark red in the fall. Its low stature makes it attractive.

Plants of North Blue have survived winter temperatures to -35 degrees F., although production is maximized when snow protection is adequate. Hardiness Zones 3-7.