Friendship Blueberry

Highbush/Lowbush cultivar.

Height of bush will be 48″ tall. The plant seems to be a vigorous grower in the nursery and it should perform well in the field and in landscape situations.

Yields are 4-8 pounds per plant.

Fruit size is small to medium, approximately 90 berries per cup. The deep blue colored fruit is born on loose clusters for easy picking.

Quality of the fruit is good, but the berries are especially known for the superb flavor that is comparable to the wild blueberry and Western Huckleberry.

Harvest is done by hand, but because of the bush’s upright growth habit, mechanical harvest can be done due to some new developments to the harvesters.

Marketing is geared to U-Pick now, but the bush may have some commercial capabilities if production continues to increase.

Ornamental use of the plant is excellent. It is superior in its bloom, a vigorous grower, with attractive foliage lasting through the summer and extending into very late fall. Fall color is brilliant orange-red; one of the last blueberry cultivars to shed its leaves.

Friendship was released for Northern growers that needed a bush more adaptable to colder areas. Hardiness Zones 4-7.