Bonus Blueberry

Northern highbush cultivar.

Height of a mature plant is 5-6 feet.

Yields are very good and could average 12 to 15 pounds consistently.

Fruit size is extra large, 100 berries per pound.

Quality of the fruit is rated high for the fresh market. The fruits have a small, dry picking scar and harvest without stems. The bright blue berry holds the beautiful color long after harvest. The flavor is very good and sweet and only mildly acid.

Harvest is best done by hand for fresh markets. The plants do not lend themselves to mechanical harvest, the fruit does not ripen uniformly so mechanical harvesting is not advisable.

Marketing is recommended for the fresh market or for the U-Pick trade. This is an excellent berry for the U-Pick as the berries are big, bright blue, and delicious.

The plants seem to have resistance to many of the blueberry fungal diseases. Hardiness Zones 4-7.