Blue Jay Blueberry

Highbush cultivar.

Height is 5-7 feet and upright in stature, only slightly spreading.

Yields 10-20 pounds per bush.

Fruit size is medium-large with 76 berries per cup.

Quality of berry is firm. The berry is spherical in shape, light blue in color little to no picking scars and borne on long stems. The fruit has a pleasant mild flavor and is only slightly tart.

Harvesting can be done by hand or mechanically. Mechanical harvest can be done exceptionally well because the fruit is produced on long stems and loose clusters. 70% of the fruit can be picked at one time the first picking, and a second picking will complete harvest.

Markets for the fruit can be fresh or process; however, the fruits excellent quality makes it desirable for the fresh market.

Ornamental use of Blue Jay is good; plants are vigorous with an upright growth habit. Fall color is yellow-orange. Hardiness Zones 4-7.