Blue Gold Blueberry

Highbush cultivar.

Height of bush will vary 4-5 feet. Growth will be compact and low growing, producing many branches. To encourage upright growth, prune heavily.

Yields are consistently high, 12 pounds average, in commercial plantings.

Blue Gold is the easiest cultivar for hand harvesting. The fruits ripen uniformly and clusters are large. Mechanical harvesting is feasible.

Quality of the fruit is excellent. Small dry picking scar, attractive color. Good flavor and firm fruit makes Blue Gold an outstanding new mid-late season cultivar.

Harvesting is done by hand but mechanical harvesting seems very feasible with the plant.

Marketing fruit is commercial packing, U-Pick or process.

Blue Gold is tolerant to fluctuating temperatures and extremely cold climates. In areas where the winter temperatures were -35 degrees F, bud damage did not occur. Hardiness Zone 3-7.