Frosty GoldRush Apple

We made it through another cold snap. Others made it, but not without some disasters of some sort. We had our share here too, but nothing we can’t or couldn’t handle, including one that we have yet to pay for. -35°F to -40°F temps was surely felt by everything. I had walked by a spruce tree and some ends of the branches just shattered as I roughly walked by.

I had been asked about going out and wrapping young trees. If it is already cold, the trees would be better off being left alone at that point. Trying to wrap trees while that cold would promote more broken branches and buds being knocked off.

We are grateful that we had gotten the snow that we did get just before this cold snap. I don’t feel as though it weren’t enough, but it was something.

I’ve seen incredible amounts of vole sign this winter season. Like I’ve never seen before.

I believe this will thin the herd some, far as fruit trees are concerned. If one had a fruit tree that was somewhat marginal, I would bet a free cup of coffee that it has been damaged to some extent or another, maybe even it’s demise.

We carefully and considerably promote there should absolutely be no pruning what so ever until after the danger of below zero weather. If one has an orchard that is large in size, and time is an issue, one can run out of it before all pruning is done…that said…

“With an exception to the unwritten rule, if one must start to prune early, do the more established trees first. Always do the younger trees last, and do those after the danger of below zero weather. One simply does not want to put these trees at any more risk than necessary.”

Don Albrecht