Starkspur® Red Rome Beauty

Starkspur-red-rome-beautyA Stark Bro’s Exclusive!

Our best baking apple — just tart enough. This variety’s precocious nature earned it the nickname ‘mortgage maker’ from growers. Produces shiny red apples just 2-3 years after planting. They taste great right off the tree, but you’ll want to save plenty for the most delicious pies, crisps and cobblers you’ve ever tasted. Also makes beautiful sautéed apple slices because they hold their shape when cooked.

Bloom:  Late, Partially Self-Pollinating

USDA Zone: 4 

Fruit Storage: Medium

Backyard Spacing: 12-15 ft.

Ripen:  October

Uses: Fresh eating, cooking, baking, ( Sweet and Tart )