SmokehouseAn old Pennsylvania apple, Smokehouse is a seedling of the ancient American variety, Vandevere. Smokehouse originated in Lampeter Township, PA about 1800’s adjacent to William Gibbons smokehouse. known for its fine flavor and ability to produce a good crop on poor soils and in the worst exposures. Flattish, red-striped yellow fruit. Flesh crisp, moderately fine-grained. Fresh cider flavor. Very good quality cooking, eating, and baking apple.
Fresh cider flavor. Young, productive bearer and a reliable cropper. Hardy to -40 degrees F. Excellent keeper, very good quality apple for multiple uses.
Shows some resistance to fire blight.
Keeps well through March. Noted for its cider-like flavor.

Bloom: Late

USDA Zone: 3 

Fruit Storage: Excellent

Backyard Spacing: 12-15 ft.

Ripen:  October

Uses: Fresh eating, cooking, baking