Grimes Golden

Grimes GoldenThis apple was found by Thomas Grimes in Brooke County, West Virginia, in 1804.
It tends to over crop, and needs to be heavily-thinned to produce larger fruit.
Medium oblong fruit with a flat base. Green to yellow skin, bright golden yellow when ripe. Flesh is crisp, sharp, and creamy colored with a spicy, tangy, sweet, and aromatic flavor. Simply unforgettable in a simple light yellow flesh. More complex flavor than its offspring Golden Delicious. Direct marketers seek out this fruit due to its superior dessert quality. Excellent for cider and pies.
Bloom:  Mid-Season
USDA Zone: 4
Fruit Storage: Excellent
Backyard Spacing: 12-15 ft.
Ripen:  Mid-Late Season
Uses:  Fresh eating (spicy, tangy, sweet and aromatic flavor), dessert, cooking, Cider making, crisp