Goldrush Apple

GoldrushGoldRush was called Co-op 38 when in the disease resistant, cooperative apple breeding program run by Purdue, Rutgers, and Illinois. It was named and introduced in 1973.
It is very firm, crisp and juicy a golden apple with a pretty blush. Tart at harvest it will develop a very rich, well balanced flavor after a few weeks of storage. A good sugar / acid balance. Resist browning when cut- a great choice for yellow sauces.
It is one of the latest harvesting apples. However, letting it hang as long as possible and storing for a while before eating will allow it to mellow.
It stores very well. Keeps up to 11 months in storage and actually gets sweeter.
High quality apple, disease resistant to scab and mildew.
Bloom:  Mid-Season to Late
USDA Zone: 4
Fruit Storage: Excellent (up to 11 months)
Backyard Spacing: 12-15 ft.
Ripen:  Late Season
Uses:  Fresh eating (good sugar/acid balance), dessert, cooking, Cider making