Esopus Spitzenberg Apple

Esopus SpitzenbergBloom:  Mid Season
USDA Zone:  4
Fruit Storage: 2-4 weeks
Backyard Spacing: 12-15 ft.
Ripen: Mid-Season
Uses: Cooking, cider, eating after 1 month of storage

Was one of Thomas Jefferson’s favorite apple varieties. He planted thirty-two of these trees in the South Orchard at Monticello between 1807 and 1812. A.J. Downing, America’s foremost nineteenth-century pomologist, described ‘Esopus Spitzenburg’ as “a handsome, truly delicious apple…unsurpassed as a dessert fruit.” Today, Apple connoisseurs still consider this variety among the finest ever known. It ripens late autumn, with firm, juicy yellow flesh. The apples have a delicious, brisk, rich flavor that is unforgettable.