Ninebark Amber Jubilee

Albrecht's NurseryHeight:  5-6′
Spread:  4′
Shape:  Upright rounded
Foliage:  Yellow, orange to green & purple
Fall Foliage:  Red and purple
Exposure:  Full Sun
Zone:  2-7

Amber Jubilee was selected for its striking foliage in glowing tones of orange, yellow and gold.  Rounded and dense in habit, this shrub with its bold array of colors will stand out in your garden border or make for an eye-catching hedge.  Delicate white blooms are produced in spring, and fall foliage is highlighted with tones of red and purple, making this ninebark appealing over the entire season.  Plant in full sun for best perdormance. Seedling selection of Diabolo® and Dart’s Gold Ninebark.